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Letter to Senator Rand Paul - COVID 19 - June 7, 2021

June 7, 2021

Senator Rand Paul

167 Russell

Senate Office Building

Washington DC 20510


Dear Senator Paul: 


Please find enclosed a DVD of a warning from Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, an International Vaccination Expert and an appeal to the leadership of the United States to listen to him.  Dr. Bossche wrote W.H.O. an open letter and offered his assistance to help manage this pandemic to no avail.  I have reviewed Dr. Bossche’s concerns and videos on COVID 19, as of this date everything that he said has happened.  This is his final warning; he is declaring that it would be a catastrophe to mass vaccinate children and we would never reach herd immunity with our current approach.   Senator Paul, as a Senator and Medical Doctor, you have clearly demonstrated that you have love for the truth, and you would like to get the bottom of how COVID 19 originated.  Moreover, as a doctor you understand why it is imperative that the best minds be brought to the table to address this pandemic.   


Dr. Bossche has made it clear; he points out that the planners have not considered the transmission and evolution of the variants and several other factors.  Consequently, according to this International Expert, the mass vaccination campaign will make matters worse.   He points out that many of the vaccinated have become carriers of the virus, and now serve as hosts to help create other variants that will infect others to include children.  Consequently, all will be at risk to include the ones who have been vaccinated because of the new variants.  Dr. Bossche offers solutions to address this crisis; however, it is imperative that he be heard now.  We ask that you watch this video, NOW!


We have shared our concerns with President Biden and the Director of CDC.  However, we understand that this will cause a complete shift in the current approach that the CDC is taking, and it will not be easy to convince others at this juncture.  However, time is not on our side, therefore, immediate action is required now to prevent the loss of many more lives in the United States and around the world.  Moreover, I also understand the micromanaged communication process and the fact that this communication may never reach your hands for consideration.  Moreover, I am also sharing this communication with the press and any other sources that have an ear to you and the leadership of the nation.  Our objective is to prevent this catastrophe – end the politics – and work in the best interest of mankind in the name of JESUS.


Senator Paul, we pray that this communication will reach your hands and you will watch the enclosed DVD and then take action to help steer the leadership of the nation to invite  Dr. Bossche to the table because it is clear that he is an International Expert in Vaccination with a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise.    


Sincerely Yours,



Elmore Richmond Jr.,

Executive Director, The Church Readiness Ministries


Enclosure:  DVD Title:  “Dr. Bossche’s Final Warning: Mass Vaccination is the Wrong Approach to End COVID 19 Pandemic”

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