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 COVID-19 /  08 February 2022

This is Part Two of the Work Stop Mass Vaccination; this part focuses on the treatment and preventive measures to address the crisis. Viewers will be able to see the result of the largest clinical medical trial in history that proves the effectiveness of Ivermectin in the treatment and the prevention of COVID 19. Viewers will discover why India has been more effective in managing COVID 19 when compared to Israel and the United States. Viewers will discover that in a rolling 7-day average, dated Sept 14, 2021, the number of confirmed cases in Israel were 1,254.49 per million people, in the United States it was 460.02 per million people, and in India 22.56 per million people. Viewers will also discover that mass vaccination had a negative effect of generating more variants and spreading COVID 19. Viewers will also discover that as of September 17, 2021, the share of the population that was fully vaccinated for COVID in Israel was 63.39%, in the United States the fully vaccinated population was 53.69%, and in India the fully vaccinated population was 13.73%. However, the daily new cases of COVID 19 in India was remarkable lower than the United States, and the United States was much lower than Israel. Viewers are given an opportunity to hear from Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. On June 1, 2021, he explained what we are experiencing today in America and gives scientific reasons why it is imperative for us to turn the tide. Dr. Bossche offers solutions on how to address this current crisis. Viewers are also given the opportunity to see some of the works of doctors who are working on the frontlines in the United States advocating and using Ivermectin for treating and preventing this spread of COVID 19. Dr. Kory offers recommendations on how to end this pandemic in two months.
Moreover, viewers are given the opportunity to discover what we must do now in the United States to reduce the hostility against the unvaccinated. Viewers will understand why it is of the utmost importance that the leadership of America watch this video and discover how they have been deceived by Dr. Fauci and others. The video is for everyone including the doctors who believe that the current approach with the mass vaccination is the correct course of action. These doctors will also discover that it is imperative to stop the mass vaccination now and to include Ivermectin in the United States National Protocol in the treatment and prevention of COVID. The officials of WHO, NIH, FDA, and the CDC need to receive this information now and take immediate action to halt the mass vaccination campaign and that authorized approval of Ivermectin be given for the treatment and prevention of COVID 19.
We also have another video that shows cause why Ivermectin should be approved now to help end this pandemic.

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