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Satan Plays the Race Card to Effect Social Transformation Without Representation!

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Satan Plays the Race Card to Effect Social Transformation Without Representation!

GOD in the name of JESUS is not playing! 

GOD knows that some of you voted for President Barack Obama to help re-elect him because of the color of his skin! If you truly love GOD and you want to worship Him in spirit and in truth; I encourage you to watch this video and see how many have been deceived.  You will be able to see President Barack Obama evolving before your eyes.  Moreover, you will see how the race card was played over and over. 

This is not a short video; it is important that you take time out and watch this video from the beginning until the very end.  It is very important that you discover what has taken place because we are in the midst of a spiritual warfare and there are many who say they are Christians, however they do not have a clue as to what is happening. 

Some have been convinced that homosexuality is a civil right!  Satan knew exactly what to do to effect his will!  Satan used the race card and declared victory.  If President Obama was a white President, he would never have been allowed to equate homosexuality as a civil right.  There would have been a movement across Black America to end this wickedness.  There were some African American Pastors who voiced their concerns! Watch the video and see how the race card was used to silence many Black pastors during the presidential election year. Consequently, today this wickedness is being fed to our children beginning in kindergarten.  Moreover our children are being exposed to Drag Queen story hour in our public libraries and they are being taught about the LGBTQ lifestyle.  Also many Christians have lost jobs and businesses because they refuse to bow to this agenda. Now there are unclean spirits that have taken residence in many who say that they are Christians.  It is imperative that Light be shined on this darkness – Moreover, there is not one democrat who is running for President of the United States who understands what has been unleashed in America.

Watch this video and become enlightened – Pray – Repent as required – Share – and take action!

We pray in the name of JESUS that you will take time out!   However, I must warn you – DO NOT PLAY WITH GOD BECAUSE GOD IS NOT PLAYING.  

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