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 August 26, 2011

 President Barack Obama

 The White House

 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

 Washington, DC 20500


 Dear Mr. President:

             I pray that this communication will reach your hands.  First allow me to bring to your attention that I wrote to you on May 31, 2011.  I have attached a copy of that letter for you to read personally; In that communication I warned you about the destruction that we would experience in America if we would continue to conduct the affairs of this nation as a Babylon.  God is not pleased; it is imperative that you understand that today this nation’s battle is with God and America cannot win, therefore it is imperative to repent and seek His face and do what is pleasing in His sight.  I have written you over and over to no avail; nevertheless, God wants you to know that America will be destroyed if we continue to trust in oppression and perverseness. 

             Mr. President as I watched you several days ago addressing the nation regarding the perceived success of the United States military role in NATO action on Libya’s government God moved on me and I could feel His displeasure.  It was overwhelming; you mentioned that we have not lost any of our military members in the operation – This was conveyed in a “Boasting Spirit.”  Mr. President, God loves mankind – the United States’ bombs are killing human beings – Man is more precious than fine gold to God.  It is imperative to discover the way of the Lord.

             First I recommend that you read a copy of the letter that I sent you on May 31, 2011.  I am not sending you another copy of the Book titled: “Ending Terrorism In the United States: God Has Warned U. S. because surely someone in your administration has copies of it.  Nevertheless, if you should request another copy I will send it to you.  Mr. President, I am praying for your success as you lead this nation however, the leadership of America has caused God’s people to err.  A nation divided against itself cannot stand – moreover American democracy has failed to keep capitalism in check.  Consequently, we are advocating to the people in the Middle East a failed system – we can see this failure in democracies throughout the world; I addressed this problem in the letter dated April 7, 2011. 

 Today as you receive this letter, many Americans are saying – “we will rebuild – we will rebuild.”  However, America needs to be healed and this healing can only come from the counsel of God.  Mr. President, Jesus said that there is no prophet accepted in His own country – therefore I know that I will not be accepted here in America – nevertheless my job is share the warnings of God as He directs me.

  Help God to Bless America,

  Elmore Richmond Jr.

  Prophet of God In the Name of Jesus

  Eleven Attachments:

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