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Prophecy of Wild Fires in California in 2017

Revelation of Flooding In Los Angeles 2017


Letter to President Obama, dated December 27, 2016


The primary reason that I am writing this letter is because God just revealed to me the following revelation.  Mr. President, on November 30, 2016 I told you about the turmoil in Turkey before it happened; On October 24, 2016, I told you about the chlorine gas in Latin America before it happened. This list goes on and on.  I am praying for the mercy of God in the name of Jesus.

Listen carefully:  On December 19, 2016, in a dream God took me to a city here in the United States, I thought it was Los Angeles, however what I witnessed it did not look like Los Angeles.  Nevertheless, I was walking and I saw some people go inside of a building – I followed them.  It looked as if there were people setting up stands for a flea market or something.  I did not recall seeing any merchandise, however I just knew this was what they were doing.  Everything appeared to be make-shift.   I did not know where I was, and I did not know how to get out of the structure.  I asked a man; where are the exits?  He took me to a door; the door appeared to be padded.  I told him that I wanted to go shopping; next I asked him if he could tell me how to get to Denker from here - I told him that it had been a long time since I was in Los Angeles.  He said to me he did not know; then he told me: “you know that you should not be outside for a long period.” I thought he said because it is too cold; however I am not sure what he said.   He opened the door for me; after I exited the structure, I was surprised.  I did not know where I was.  I did not see any buildings ahead of me.  It looked as if there had been total devastation.  As I began to walk I saw abandoned cars.  Next I saw cars that were stacked up on top of one another, as if someone had gathered them together.  However, it was clear to me that this was not a lot for wrecked cars.   The ground was wet; I believe I was walking in mud; however I do not really know, the substance was black and sticky.   I heard something coming up behind me; it was two people walking at a fast pace and they were ready to pass by me.  As they passed by I noticed that they were dressed very heavy.  Next I noticed that I had on a bright yellow vest.  I do not recalled seeing anyone else outside – It appeared that something had happened to create a complete devastation of the area. Mr. President, I do not know what will cause this catastrophe to bring forth this devastation.  If this does not tarry, it will happen around the time of inauguration of President Elect Trump.  I am praying for the mercy of God in the name of Jesus.


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