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Edifying the Body of Christ: Unbinding the Strong Man

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God has called his people together to be one in him, however today there is division within the Church. Mark 3: 27, “No man can enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.” Many Christians apply this scripture only to binding Satan; however what many people do not know is that Christians can bind the Holy Spirit.  Through this work the reader will gain valuable insight into the reason for the division within the Church. You will gain insight into how we can come together as one, end the division within the Church and serve God in a more perfect way. We must work together to identify traditions that are contrary to the word of God and then end the traditions that prevent the proper edification of the body of Christ. 

Chapter seven gives a detailed report card to the seven churches and a status report on the Bride of Christ. The appendix gives detailed information on the history of the kings of Israel and Judah. This information is invaluable for anyone who has read the history of the Kings and wanted more detailed information Excerpt from book:  

Kingdom of Judah


Rehoboam reigned in Judah (1 
Kings 12: 17)

~ He was 41 years old; he ' 
reigned for 17 years (1 Kings 14:21)

~ Judah did evil in the sight 
of the Lord, and they provoked him 
to jealousy with their sins which they 
had committed, above all that their 
fathers had done. (1 Kings 14:22)



~ Reigned King of Judah (1 
Kings 15:1)

>- He reigned three years in 
Jerusalem (Jeroboam was still king 
over Israel) (1 Kings 15:2)

>- He walked in all the sins of 
his father. For David's sake, the 
Lord gave him a lamp in 
Jerusalem. (1 Kings 15:3-4)

>- There was war between 
Rehoboam and Jeroboam all 
the days of his life. (1 Kings 



>Asa the son of Abijam 
reigned in his stead. (1 Kings 
15:8) (Jeroboam was still 
king of Israel)


>He reigned in Jerusalem for 
41 years and he did what 
was right in the sight of the 
Lord as his father, David. (1 
Kings 15: 10-12)


>He took away the Sodomites 
out of the land and removed




Kingdom of Israel


Jeroboam was made king oflsrael 
(l Kings 12:20)

>- He reigned for 22 years (1 
Kings 14:20)

>- He did not hearken to the 
commandments of God - he did 
evil above all that were before him 
- made other gods, and molten 
images to provoke God to anger. (1 
Kings 14:9) God shall give Israel 
up because of the sins of 
Jeroboam, who did sin, and made 
Israel to sin. (1 Kings 14:16)


>- In the eighteenth year of 
King Jeroboam's reign, Abijam 
began to reign over Judah (1 Kings 








 >Nadab the son of Jeroboam 
began to reign over Israel in the 
second year of Asa, King of Judah. 
(1 Kings 15:25)


>He did evil in the sight of 
the Lord. (1 Kings 15:26)

>He walked in the way of his 
father, and in his sin - he made Israel 
to sin. (lKings 15 :26) 


> In the third year of reign of 
Asa, King of Judah, Baasha did slay 
him, and reigned in his stead. (1 
Kings 15:28)


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2018-10-03 21:26
This is a great book for anyone who wants to know how Satan has been very effective in deceiving the body of Christ by binding the strongman in the church, The Holy Spirit.

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