Iraq War: Records of God's Warnings and Consequences

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Chapter Eight of The Book

“Ending Terrorism in the United States: God Has Warned U. S.”

Records of Communications

Revealing the Revelations from God


To President Bush and Others:

Hello, I am Elmore Richmond Jr., I am a Prophet of God in the name of Jesus.  Many people do not believe God has prophets today, surely they are in error.  God revealed to me the events of 9/11 and our preparation for war before these events happen.  My life has not been the same.  You will discover how God used me to warn the leadership of America of the consequences of going to war with Iraq without cause.  The following communications are reprints of communications that were sent to or received from individuals regarding the warnings that God has given me.  Several of these letters were changed to correct grammatical errors; however the messages are have not been altered in any way.  I am one of God’s prophets.  God has given me this calling.  God has given me the responsibility to deliver His message to His people.  I cannot make people change their mind.  However, I pray that the wicked would repent of their wickedness so they can be saved.

In October 2001, after I sent out copies of the book, “America! America! A Checkup For The Body of Christ, The Church” to the President of the United States and leaders around the nation, through the Holy Spirit, God showed me a lion watching me.  In a dream, I was throwing rocks to keep the lion at bay.  The lion looked very healthy at that time.  The interpretation is as follows.  The lion was the government of the United States and the rocks were the books that I was sending out that contained the message from God.

Besides seeing the lion in October 2001, on or about January 23, 2005, I had another dream about this lion.  However, the lion was not watching me, I was watching the lion.  I watched the lion as he watched over people as if he was performing sentinel duty.  The lion did not appear healthy and looked as if it was suffering from battle fatigue.  I had this dream during the week of an election in Iraq.  The interpretation is as follows.  The United States government (military) was suffering from battle fatigue as they monitored the election process in Iraq.  God continues to reveal some of His secrets to me, I pray that the people who want to do what is right in the sight of God will ensure that this message go forth and adhere to this warning. 

Some of these communications in this chapter appear to be very critical of the actions of the Government of the United States.  The reason they are critical is because this government is out of the counsel of God.  These communications were not politically inspired.  These communications are the inspired word of the Holy Spirit.  I do not have anything personal to gain from these communications.  I love America, but I love God more.  Therefore, I must do what God wants me to do.  God loves the people in America too; God does not want to destroy this land.  But God will destroy this land if we do not repent and hearken to His commandments.

Before people hearken to the commandments of God, they first must learn to fear Him.  To this end, we are sharing these revelations in love.  In the book, ”Ending Terrorism In the United States: God Has Warned U. S.,” we share revelation knowledge outlining the way of the Lord in the Name of JESUS.  We share how America can be healed and receive peace as a river, righteousness as the waves of the sea, protected whereas terrorism will not come near us, and God showing us how to profit.    We strongly recommend that you order copies of the book, “Ending Terrorism In the United States: God Has Warned U.S.”  Order a copy for yourself, your pastor, and your representatives.

Please Note some of the Mailing Addresses and Email Addresses are not Prophet Richmond Current Addresses.  Please do not mail or send any communications to these addresses.

His current mailing address is:

Prophet Elmore Richmond Jr.

P. O. Box 2935

Jackson, Tennessee 38302-2935


Table of Contents: Chapter 8

Letter to President Bush, October 6, 2001

Letter to America’s Leaders, October 8, 2001

Letter to President Bush, October 26, 2001

Letter to President Bush, November 3, 2001

Letter to President Bush, May 22, 2002

Letter to President Bush, September 3, 2002

Letter to President Bush, December 2, 2002

Letter to President Bush, December 20, 2002

Letter to President Bush, January 14, 2003

Letter to Senator Edward Kennedy, January 21, 2003

Letter to Congressman Dennis Kucinich, January 31, 2003

Letter to Secretary General Kofi Anna, United Nations, February 3, 2003        

Letter from the United Nations, March 12, 2003

Letter to President Bush, March 7, 2003

Letter from Senator George Allen of Virginia, April 8, 2003

Letter to President Bush, March 19, 2003

Message to the People of God in the United States - Repent

Letter to President Bush, June 9, 2003

Letter to President Bush, April 17, 2004


























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